Portugal Golden Visa Program


Mercan Group of Companies proudly presents its newest Portugal Golden Visa project: Lapa Porto Hotel. Lapa Porto Hotel will operate under the Renaissance brand (Marriott)Don't miss the opportunity to invest in this new exciting real estate project and become a European resident along with your family. Investment amount starting at 350 000 Euros. Apply below to receive by email more details about the Lapa Porto Hotel project and the Golden Visa Program.


About Golden Visa Program

The Portugal Golden Visa is the fastest program to obtain European residence permit through investment activity in Portugal. By investing 350 000 EUR in certain real estate projects, you can become a resident in Europe.

Residence permit holders have the right to live, work, and reside in Portugal. Also, Golden Visa holders can enjoy the benefit of traveling visa-free within the 26 nation members of the Schengen zone.

Family members of the investor (spouse, financially dependent children, and financially dependent parents) may also be included in the application. After keeping the investment for five years, the investor and his/her family members can become Portuguese/European citizens.

About Real Estate Investment

There are several good reasons to invest in the real estate business and the tourism sector in Portugal other than a low-risk investment in a growing market.

By investing in specific real estate projects, such as Lapa Porto Hotel, investors become eligible to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa Program. The Golden Visa is a fast and straightforward gateway for high-net-worth individuals to obtain EU citizenship.

EU citizens have many rights and benefits, such as high-quality education and access to a very efficient health care system. In addition, Portuguese/EU citizens have a very powerful passport and are visa-free to more than 170 countries.

About Lapa Porto Hotel

Lapa Hotel is Porto's newest project, integrating the internationally recognized Renaissance Brand into the city. It has been projected under one solid concept: inspiring shapes, simplicity and elegance, combined with high-end engineering.

For a cosmopolitan lifestyle we developed an exclusive piece of architecture, integrated in a specific urban context, well-balanced with the city landscape. You’ll find lots of glass, woods and other noble materials in inviting open wide areas, both in the rooms and the common areas. After all, there is no real luxury without space.

Lapa Porto Hotel Operation

Lapa Porto Hotel will operate under the Renaissance brand. Renaissance is a Marriott brand and has the perfect concept to give the hotel a vibrant, modern, and sophisticated atmosphere. Benefitting from Marriott’s marketing strategy and approach the hotel will also avail from one of the world’s largest hotels selling channels and a market-leading loyalty program.

The expected timeline for Lapa Porto Hotel to start its operations is June 2022.

Lapa Porto Hotel Location

Lapa Hotel is located in one of the most historic neighborhoods of Porto, right in the gateway to downtown. Dominating the landscape, on the top of a hill, the Hotel offers a breath-taking view over the city skyline.

Most visitors come to this area to visit Lapa Church, and its iconic  religious architecture. Nevertheless, they can’t resist exploring the  surroundings, such as Clérigos Tower or the lively Galerias de Paris, only a 10 minute walk from the Hotel.

Lapa Hotel is near to all these and other attractions Porto has to offer: fine restaurants, exclusive shops, historical buildings and a vibrant night life. A stay to remember in a monumental city.


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Why invest in Porto, Portugal?  

In 2018, 482.7 million Euros were generated by the Tourism and Hospitality industry in the areas of Porto and North Portugal. Porto houses a world heritage site by UNESCO. Tourism is a growing industry in Portugal: a 17% growth in the number of visitors in the country (20 million visits) in 2017.

With its mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine per year, and 850 km of splendid beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is the perfect holiday destination all year round. Porto, the second biggest city in the country, was elected The Best European Destination in 2014, 2016, and 2017.  

Porto’s primary source of revenue comes from Tourism and Exportation. Porto is among the top 5 cities that welcome tourists in the EU with an occupancy rate of over 70%. Hence, the real estate business and the hotel industry are one of the most profitable investment opportunities currently available in Portugal, especially in Porto.

Why is Portugal Golden Visa an excellent option for investors?

The Portugal Golden Visa is a profitable and safe choice that concedes lots of benefits with very few requirements for its applicants. There are no requirements for language, management experience, or education credentials to apply for the Golden Visa. It's a fast and simple processing to receive residence permits.

Portugal doesn't charge tax on worldwide income. In addition, the investment can be refundable after five years (depending on the project). Also, Golden Visa holders have the right to live, to work, do business, to study in Portugal, and can travel freely within the Schengen zone. Investors can easily apply for citizenship and be granted EU benefits for them and their families.

What is Mercan Group of Companies?

  • Mercan Group of Companies is one of the leaders in the immigration market in Canada. Founded in 1989 by Jerry Morgan, Mercan offers a range of services related to Investment, Education, Employment, and Immigration.

    Over 30 years of experience, Mercan Group has built a vast international network of offices in Canada, China, Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States, as well as agent/partner offices in over 30 countries. 

    Mercan has helped bring more than 40,000 foreign immigrants to Canada of various origins. Moreover, through the recruitment companies, Mercan brought almost 10,000 foreign workers into Canada, the USA, the Middle East, Malaysia, and the Caribbean Islands.

What are Investor Immigration Programs?

Created to encourage business investments in a country, the Investor Immigration Programs are exclusive programs that enable high net worth individuals to attain permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship in their country of choice.

Certain developed countries, such as Canada, the USA, and Portugal, offer Investor Immigration Programs that lead to citizenship. However, each program has its own characteristics, requirements, and benefits, which makes some more accessible and appealing than others, depending on the needs of each investor.

Portugal Golden Visa is among one of the Investor Immigration Programs currently available in the world. It has very few requirements and lots of benefits, including access to the European Union and the freedom to visit the country for just a week every year to keep the residence permit.

Is Mercan Group experienced in investor immigration programs?

Over 30 years, Mercan has developed the expertise to guide investors throughout a great variety of Investor Immigration Programs. Mercan has raised over 2 BILLION USD  in foreign investment capital for various investor immigration programs in Canada and the USA. Over 800 EB-5 investors have chosen Mercan. Mercan has done more than 35 EB-5 projects since 2007.

Mercan has also been working closely with the Portugal Golden Visa Program for the past years. Besides assisting investors in obtaining resident permits and immigrate with their families to Portugal, Mercan has developed almost ten projects. The projects are Sé Catedral Hotel I and II, Casa da Companhia, Fontinha Hotel, Panoramic Hotel, Belas Artes Hotel, Amarantes, Broadway Aparthotel, and now Lapa Porto Hotel.

All those projects are perfect for investors who are looking for a great pathway to obtain the Golden Visa while making a safe investment. Mercan was the first developer to offer a project qualifying for the €350,000 level in Portugal, and currently holds about 50% of this market segment.

Mercan has the complete skill set to guide investors throughout the entire process: from tax number to submitting the application and accompanying the investor to the SEF appointment. For the Lapa project, Mercan pays a fixed 3% yield per year. Once the investor has his/her permanent residence permit or citizenship (in 5-6 years), Mercan will buy back the unities (for €350,000 per unity).

Why NOW is the right moment to make this investment?

There is no better time to take advantage of the Golden Visa program. On one side, the program became easier as knowledge in the Portuguese language is no longer one of the requirements to obtain citizenship. Also, the first applicants recently got their citizenship, which confirms that the Golden Visa is a secure pathway to acquire your European citizenship.

On the other side, the Portuguese Government has submitted a draft State Budget Law for 2020, which is currently under discussion in the Portuguese Parliament. This draft law is not final, and it doesn't introduce any actual changes to the current Golden Visa Program. In fact, it only allows the Government to make changes to the rules, and these have not yet been clarified.

However, if approved, Parliament will authorize the Government to legislate changes to the Golden Visa regime. Therefore, if adopted, the final legislation will not be immediately in force. Changes to the Golden Visa rules will only take effect after complete regulation is published. Assuming it is ever published, they will surely not affect cases submitted before late 2020, only thereafter.

The Lapa Porto Hotel is ideal for investors who are ready to commit and build a better future for their families. Lapa Porto Hotel is a Mercan Group project in partnership with the Porto Municipality and Marriott Hotels. Although the latest news will not influence this project, as we expect to have fully subscribed by the end of the first semester of 2020, we advise our future investors to invest as soon as possible. It's not sure when another great opportunity such as the Lapa Hotel project will be available again.

Advantages of the Golden Visa Program

  • - No requirement for management experience
  • - No requirement for age, language or education credentials to apply for Golden Visa
  • - Simple Processing
  • - Investment can be refundable after 5 years (Depends on the project)
  • - Travel freely within the Schengen zone
  • - Portugal doesn’t charge tax on worldwide income
  • - Apply for citizenship easily and be granted EU benefits
  • - Right to live, do business, to study in Portugal

Requirements of the Golden Visa Program

    • - Be 18 years of age or older, no age limit
    • - Possess a valid passport and reside legally in a country
    • - Investment period for at least 5 years or until the time the investor can get the Permanent Residence card.
    • - Minimum time required to stay in Portugal is on average 7 days per year
    • - After the 5th year the Investor can apply for Portugal/ EU citizenship or Permanent residency
    • - Comply with the Health Insurance Policy


Because Mercan is for sure ready to help you. Fill out the form, receive the complete materials by email, invest, and let us take care of the rest. Mercan has the whole skill set to help you, making your Golden Visa application a smooth process. 

If you are looking for a way to protect your capital, make a predictable return while holding the investment, and obtain European residency, you should definitely apply today for the Golden Visa Program with Mercan Group.

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